Long time no post. Sorry.

For anyone who does keep an eye on this site, I apologise. I got several weeks into “postaweek2011” and well, stopped. Sorry there hasn’t been a post explaining why, until now…

A few things have happened since my last post – and I’ve felt pretty bad for not posting. The first thing was that I missed a week, and thought it’d be no big problem – I’d just catch up and do two the next week. Unfortunately this kept happening. I really wanted to post something thoughtful and interesting – something enjoyable for you as much as me – instead of waiting until the end of the week and rushing a post for the sake of keeping post-a-week. I felt like the last couple of posts have been half-hearted – so sorry for that – too.

Around about the last time I posted I also got distracted by starting to blog for another site, and setting up a new blog for myself – neither of which I’ve really kept up with, as I’ll explain shortly. Our Music Movement is a very cool project which I’m glad to be a part of after following their Facebook page for a few months. If you like discovering new music to listen to across different corners of the music world, you should definitely check out OMM here, here, and here. Whatever floats your musical boats, so to speak. The other site I laid out was mikelikesmusic, an extension of mikelikesart. It’s not up and running yet, but it may well be over summer.

My motives behind starting mikelikesmusic are key to putting this site on the back-burners. I’ve realised over the past couple of months, first and foremost, I am a musician, more than an artist. I realised I can and do spend longer making music than painting and drawing, and I get so much more of a buzz from music than I have done from art. Don’t worry – art is still fascinating to me, and I’ll still be making photographs and paintings. (In fact, I’ve effectively just finished my A-level in art, so there are some interesting posts to follow, hopefully in the beginning of July…)

I think in a lot of ways, I used art to sidestep from music as I hit a wall last summer, starting to doubt what I was doing musically, becoming creatively frustrated and stalled. In a way, art has been the real distraction this whole time. Composing and just playing is where I feel most at home. Although you could say it’s a bit morbid, given the choice I could lose my eyesight, but not my hearing… Despite this, I think I’ll continue to jump between art / photography and music, as I really do love both, both in practice and in following others’ work. It was just a scary realisation.

Another small thing that got in the way of posting was school. (Another scary realisation was how (possibly) stupid I was to keep going with all four A2 levels, especially considering the coursework heavy nature of each course. I also have a job now, which is good, but takes out my Sunday completely. Managing a blog at the same time would be near impossible, for me at least. Once again, I like procrastination, so time-management isn’t always my strong-suit. It’s a good job I don’t really have a social life…

The good news?

  • I now have some stuff worth bloggin’ about
  • Although art is secondary, I still absolutely love it…
  • …new music blog on the way as well as
  • several exciting new project ideas…
  • …which I will soon have all the time in the world for because…
So, to keep you entertained in the time in between, I’ve got a couple things to share.
If you want to keep up with contemporary art as much as the music scene, www.booooooom.com is where you need to go. Boom (with 7 zeroes) do for art what OMM is doing for music. Brief but interesting posts featuring some incredible and exciting new talent alongside some more established artists – also raising awareness of events / causes and large projects. The artists featured are so diverse – I’m not sure that I personally like all of it, but it’s an awesome way to keep track of stuff that’s happening right now. A couple things that I really like about booooooom; their Cover Songs Archive / project – which anyone can submit a video to, and their Flickr select, which again, anyone can join – and If your work gets spotted, you can end up on the homepage – which would be pretty awesome exposure, as they have a large following.
The second thing I wanted to share is…


A sneak preview of my final piece for Exploration and Discovery. Inspired by Conor Harrington.
If you’ve arrived here via my facebook page, there are more photos in my “Mobile Uploads” album. Although you can see the picture and the process, I’ll be adding a bit of context to the whole thing and picking apart my own work – explaining some of the choices I made. Fun.