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The past couple of weeks have been pretty mad, with student life going on the offensive, eating away at my sanity and pushing my already questionable sleep pattern to breaking point. (For anyone studying at Uni – or working 3 jobs – I apologize. This post was not meant to offend you, coming from a sixth form student…)

So, despite feeling the strain, or perhaps because of it, I blew of some steam and painted a big piece today*. To the relief and amusement of my art teachers, the piece was the second in a row that featured colour. I got so engrossed in painting this piece that an hour after the lesson finished, my teachers tried to kick me out (causing me to rush the conorsaysboom at the bottom).They gave up, and left me to clean up my mess and go home. 20 minutes later and the cleaner successfully shooed me out. It still needs completing with a figure in the middle, but here’s my  Conor Harrington influenced painting, which has taken me 3 hours, near enough.  =]


Somehow, this is the only paint I managed to get on me (my other hand was about the same) – except for a speck of red right in the middle of my hoody. I never did like the messy table.


For a sense of scale, check out the paint pot in the bottom right, which is the same as the pot in the first photo.






My “tagging” still needs work, – but, to be fair – the pros use cans, not brushes.



I almost called it quits before putting the final detail in, but as I am using Conor Harrington’s work as my main influence, I thought I’d better include a reference to his blog, amongst all the other music references, and other magical things from my mind-map.

*Due to interruptions with the WordPress site and Dashboard, I was unable to publish this on the day it was written (Tuesday 22nd March).


2 thoughts on “Tagged; An Exploration & Discovery update.

  1. Mike! I love your blog! Your thoughts and your pictures are incredible. They inspire me to be more arty 🙂 Keep them coming, I want to see more of your art progression and music if you can post it whilst I’m away… far away…

    • Thanks, Beth! I’m glad my work is inspiring – even though I’ve not got much to show, yet.
      I’ll keep the updates coming thick and fast (once or twice every week), and I will post a link to my SoundCloud as soon as I get something recorded.
      Mike =]

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