The Squashed Vitruvian Man and Memories of the U.P.

A couple photos I’ve been composing for a while – finally found the right time.

I’ve had a pretty good day today. It’s been such a good couple of days weather-wise, it’s making me feel very positive. As much as I love my big winter coat, or “Norwegian Special Forces Jacket” as my Mum likes to call it, it’s been nice not to wear it on the way to and from school. So, while the sun was out, I got my camera out too, and made the first photos since my trip to Cyprus, I think.

As promised, here are the images from my sketchbook – and Exploration + Discovery so far:

Some room for thought, and a distinct lack of colour. It’s unfinished, yes.


And now, the bad painting I mentioned earlier…

Hope you enjoyed that, there’s more to come later. I’m feeling like it’s gonna be a productive week.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and please share my blog on Facebook/Twitter if you liked!

Thanks! =]


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