Discovering how bad I am at painting…

Just in time to get this week’s post up. As I mentioned earlier, the exam theme this time round is “Exploration and Discovery”. I’m well and truly rolling on it now. My initial ideas are going to be pretty fun – Getting lost In Music (and exploring / discovering new styles) , and THE BIG ONE: Michigan ’04 – exploring an awesome US state, the places my dad grew up, and discovering relatives I didn’t know I had. More on this later…..     
AAAAAnyway, I started adding colour to NY book on Tuesday – using a combo of watercolour and acrylic paints, recreating a photo taken in the UP, Michigan.
Despite having almost a week to decide – I’ve got mixed feelings about it. The watercolour part went well, and everything is in proportion – which I’m getting more and more comfortable with – but the acrylics could have been better.  Two lessons learned:
1. Decide on colours before throwing paint around.
2. Be more patient.

A few more things to wrap up – being ill is not fun; I was ill over halfterm, and came away feeling like I hadn’t got much done. The drawings I did do paid off, though. Really pleased with how they turned out.
Also, I’m venturing into mobile blogging, so no pictures with this post – I will upload images of my work in an additional post. SORRY =]

That’s all for now. But check this if you want a song to keep you awake. =]


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