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The past couple of weeks have been pretty mad, with student life going on the offensive, eating away at my sanity and pushing my already questionable sleep pattern to breaking point. (For anyone studying at Uni – or working 3 jobs – I apologize. This post was not meant to offend you, coming from a sixth form student…)

So, despite feeling the strain, or perhaps because of it, I blew of some steam and painted a big piece today*. To the relief and amusement of my art teachers, the piece was the second in a row that featured colour. I got so engrossed in painting this piece that an hour after the lesson finished, my teachers tried to kick me out (causing me to rush the conorsaysboom at the bottom).They gave up, and left me to clean up my mess and go home. 20 minutes later and the cleaner successfully shooed me out. It still needs completing with a figure in the middle, but here’s my  Conor Harrington influenced painting, which has taken me 3 hours, near enough.  =]


Somehow, this is the only paint I managed to get on me (my other hand was about the same) – except for a speck of red right in the middle of my hoody. I never did like the messy table.


For a sense of scale, check out the paint pot in the bottom right, which is the same as the pot in the first photo.






My “tagging” still needs work, – but, to be fair – the pros use cans, not brushes.



I almost called it quits before putting the final detail in, but as I am using Conor Harrington’s work as my main influence, I thought I’d better include a reference to his blog, amongst all the other music references, and other magical things from my mind-map.

*Due to interruptions with the WordPress site and Dashboard, I was unable to publish this on the day it was written (Tuesday 22nd March).


Lost In My Own Backyard.


Starting last September (2010), we were given free choice of a theme for our Personal Study. I knew from the start that I wanted to photography, and luckily, my teachers thought the idea would work, as long as I didn’t wander off too far from Fine Art. I chose to use Black & White photography as a starting point, but by December I was having difficulty stepping back into Fine Art mode. I fell out with the idea of just drawing (or painting) from my photos for the sake of drawing, and was clawing at a theme, something that was a bit more definite than the whole of Black and White photography.

After weeks of this going on, and feeling quite stressed about the whole thing, I realised my theme was pretty much staring me in the face. I looked at my photos again, realising that what I had already photographed contained the theme;

My Own Backyard.

Finally back on the right track, I began drawing and painting from photos again, just in time to start thinking about a final piece. That’s a story for another day.

4 artists in particular were key to the project, and the next three posts after this week will deal with each artist in turn, also showcasing their influence on my own photographs and paintings – as well as giving you insight into my process and thinking behind the project.

For now, you can find their work in the links below:

Beth Kientzle



Robert Adams

Let me know what you think, and stay tuned! =]

The Squashed Vitruvian Man and Memories of the U.P.

A couple photos I’ve been composing for a while – finally found the right time.

I’ve had a pretty good day today. It’s been such a good couple of days weather-wise, it’s making me feel very positive. As much as I love my big winter coat, or “Norwegian Special Forces Jacket” as my Mum likes to call it, it’s been nice not to wear it on the way to and from school. So, while the sun was out, I got my camera out too, and made the first photos since my trip to Cyprus, I think.

As promised, here are the images from my sketchbook – and Exploration + Discovery so far:

Some room for thought, and a distinct lack of colour. It’s unfinished, yes.


And now, the bad painting I mentioned earlier…

Hope you enjoyed that, there’s more to come later. I’m feeling like it’s gonna be a productive week.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and please share my blog on Facebook/Twitter if you liked!

Thanks! =]

Discovering how bad I am at painting…

Just in time to get this week’s post up. As I mentioned earlier, the exam theme this time round is “Exploration and Discovery”. I’m well and truly rolling on it now. My initial ideas are going to be pretty fun – Getting lost In Music (and exploring / discovering new styles) , and THE BIG ONE: Michigan ’04 – exploring an awesome US state, the places my dad grew up, and discovering relatives I didn’t know I had. More on this later…..     
AAAAAnyway, I started adding colour to NY book on Tuesday – using a combo of watercolour and acrylic paints, recreating a photo taken in the UP, Michigan.
Despite having almost a week to decide – I’ve got mixed feelings about it. The watercolour part went well, and everything is in proportion – which I’m getting more and more comfortable with – but the acrylics could have been better.  Two lessons learned:
1. Decide on colours before throwing paint around.
2. Be more patient.

A few more things to wrap up – being ill is not fun; I was ill over halfterm, and came away feeling like I hadn’t got much done. The drawings I did do paid off, though. Really pleased with how they turned out.
Also, I’m venturing into mobile blogging, so no pictures with this post – I will upload images of my work in an additional post. SORRY =]

That’s all for now. But check this if you want a song to keep you awake. =]