Trees, Horses, Bananas and Escif

Escif is a street artist based in Spain – and his work has the perfect combination of style and wit that makes street art so likeable. Not dissimilar to the work of Blu – Escif focuses on humans as the subject, morphing them or placing them in impossible or just plain bizarre situations.

His wit often parodies street art itself, or can take its setting into account. I particularly like the way he paints, as it is almost something of a refreshing break from stencilled and more cartoonish work that is common in graffiti or street art. I also love the colour choice, with pastel blues, yellows and greens adding that extra something, without being in-your-face – which makes each piece seem like it was always meant to be where it is. His website is great, with a fairly large amount of his paintings, sketches and videos for you to check out, and his Flickr is also regularly updated with new work.

In his own words, Escif says

“Although sometimes is not easy to separate, I try to focus my work around concepts, not just shapes. I try to found my style like the consequences of my own ideas.
I understand the painting as an exercise of reflection that can be shared with people.
I´m not looking for decorative paintings, I try to wake up viewers’ minds.”

Read More:

It’s a great little interview, and has links to some more murals.

If you can find them in the image galleries on his website, look out for “applied biology”, “escape from the banana” and a very funny picture on Banksy.


Late to the party…

Despite the fact it’s nearly the end of February, I’ve decided it would be a good, great idea to take part in the Post A Week 2011.

More than anything else, it’ll be a more interesting blog to read for anyone else, and it’ll hopefully expand the style of the blog, not just the content.

Check back weekly for new posts!

Yes, post a week is another option. I’m not cheating. Well, not really…

Cyprus, continued.

Ok, next up are some slightly more traditional landscape shots.

And now for something colourful…

Take 1

Take 2

It took me a while to get this horizon straight. A tripod will be my next investment…

I’m not sure which I prefer…so here’s both the original (really orange), and the edited version (pale and grainy). I tried to get it to resemble something like an old film photo. This photo was taken at the same place as the one above – just facing inland, of course! The sunset was incredible, but my camera was almost out of juice, so I only got chance for a few quick shots.

I love the old van parked up right outside, too.

P.S. – Click to enlarge, and you can see the grain better.

Exploration and Discovery

So, that’s the topic for our exam.

It should be good fun. I’ll upload my mind-map later.

So, as I was deciding what to do, I remembered an artist that I had come across a short while ago. His work is amazing – blending oil paintings with street-art style spray paint, as well as mixing up insanely detailed figures with abstract tags, lines,  and whatever else.

His name is Conor Harrington.  Check out his blog.

Other artists on the list include;

Rowena Hughes – Whilst looking for inspiration for the new theme, I stumbled across Rowena. I particularly like the way she uses “found” books, images, and pages as a canvas. The geometric shapes are cool, too.

Rauschenberg – A pop artist. I like this picture the best, although give him a google search for more.

Swoon – another street artist, from NY. She uses woodblocks, prints, and paste-ups to create her work. Which is beautiful.

Welcome. To my blog.

Well, it’s just gone midnight, and I’ve started a blog.

I’m currently studying Fine Art as an A level, and this blog will (hopefully) be a way that I can share my creative ramblings,  including my own work, and work that inspires me. I really like photography, but there will be other things – like paintings and sketches.

As I continue, you’ll probably find me blogging about other things, too, like music and film.

Here goes…